Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wedding Preparations

Are we ready?
(I love this picture, btw.)
Hannah with precious Mia,
the star of the show.
Decorating the Punch Pavilion.
Setting the tables,
juuust right. Ribbons are tied!!
A couple of sugar cubes :)
The man with the plan.
I think the final count was 40 gallons of punch!!
or was it 80 :)
Amadu with the "Star of the Show".
(He's so sweet with her.)
Painting the pillars
(and each other?)
Liv enjoying something squeezably soft.
(She is irresistable.)
Cutting broccoli
for a heap of broccoli salad.
Mixing broccoli,
for broccoli salad,
for a heap of people.
(For more about this subject, go here:)
Heidi was the "Artist" and made all the signs,
and did a Grand job.
Sweety chunky baby, loving on her momma.

Lots and lots and lots of yummy red grapes.
Painting the stage.
Grandma's turn to enjoy the "Star of the Show".
Lots and lots and lots of yummy green grapes :)
Mommas are working hard,
drinking java and enjoying each others company.
Isn't she too sweet? Hannah and Heidi (cousins)
(They worked so hard and were such a blessing.)
(We loved meeting you both.)
These are decorations for the Lime and Cinnamon soap (also Lavendar),
which were gifts for all the guests.
(Made by Amy)
Precious Friends.
(Mary and Adama)
Having a little time out from work,
and enjoying some fun.
(Actually the work was fun, too.)
Great job, Hannah!!
Setting up these tents was a huge job.
The six sisters :)
(Ok, mom is in this too, but I bet you can't pick her out!)
Stay tuned for
"The Rehearsal"

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