Thursday, June 27, 2013

Winter/Spring 2013

One of these days, we're gonna get this poor neglected blog caught up.
We're trying real hard! Just so we eventually do get caught up, we'll post a FEW things from the past months, so we can get done. 

Downtown Lakeland, Vintage Shopping.

And of course, who can shop without delicious java?

Liv made this fun Bridal Shower cake for our cousin Kelli. (Love it!)

Fishing :)

Our fist Airboat Rides, too fun and fast!!

Ariana grocery shopping.

Games with the gang, always a blast. Love these people.

One of our large farm leases sold, so time to take down fence!

Roll 'em up, move 'em out!

Pulling up the posts off of this 80 acres.
Ariana's 21 birthday cake from Liv.  She wanted to spend her birthday at the ocean.

Lovin' it!!

Liv's new hunting buddy, Swagger.

Liv, Ariana, Christiana and Jon decided to go on a "Survivor" camping trip.

You bring no food, only eat what you hunt.

No tents. You have to make your own sleeping quarters.

This backstrap was delicious. (They informed me, ha ha)

This guy was, too.

He was surrounding the camp all night with his buddies.

Time for some Gulf fishing at Anna Maria Island.

"Ooh, I think I may be on to some treasure!"

Sunken Ship = Much Treasure

The Five Silly Fishermen

Well, I think that'll work.

Airboat rides at Boggy Creek with the Whitsons.

I think it was a hit!!

Gators everywhere.
So glad to have them visit!! Love this family :)

We bury all of our friends, it's a tradition, ha ha ha.

But we also help them get out (After a few hours!)

Florida Gold

A visit to the Gulf.

Capture the Flag. It was so foggy, you could only see a few feet in front of you.

               (Of course we went to see the sunset which we never saw, but had a blast, anyway.)
Time to warm up and fill up at Steak n Shake. James loves his Gracie <3 br="">

Time for an outside movie.

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                                                         We love you, Whitson Family!!

                                                             Hope you enjoyed. 
                                  By the next post, we should be caught up! (Fingers Crossed!)